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  • Money. (We don't have enough. We're not Honda, HD, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki Triumph or Royal Enfield. We're bikers, riders, owners, bike lovers & enthusiast. But, yes we will take sponsors and matching funds contributors and give grand sponsor exposure.)

  • BikeRooms. (Your own web space for classic motorcycle activities.)

  • Products. (Equipment, components, parts. Please check the Needed Page.)

  • Word of mouth -words. (Spread the word - email, media, forum or blog activity. Sign up as a Word of Mouth supporter.)

  • Services.  (Advertising, publicity, public service, publication, media, personality, famous person endorsement, splash the Bonneville Bullet.)

  • Volunteer. (Oh yea, photographer, grunt, driver, graphics, publicist, volunteer solicitor, support solicitor, help us make this project successful.)

  • Sponsor. (Commercial sponsors get our attention and receive premier exposure. Submit here, we'll be in touch.)

All supporter's names will be emblazoned on the Bonneville Bullet.

If you're active in motorcycle interests areas, forums, or blogs on the internet, please spread information about this classic motorcycle project to other enthusiasts. Let them know they can search or go to the below:

The names of all supporters will be emblazoned on the Bonneville Bullet for the salt attack. We also want all supporters to know - "You're part of a team making an attack on some speed records at the Bonneville salt flats with a classic Royal Enfield single cylinder motorcycle not really known for speed."

By the way, Dan Holmes says, "If  success comes at Bonneville and we continue to get support from our wonderful dedicated enthusiasts, we will take the Road Race Bullet back into competition and perhaps on to the the Isle of Mann."

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