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March 28, 2008


Bikers, Enthusiasts, Dealers Using Free BikeRoom
Web Space At Classic Motorcycle Association


Motorcycle industry people and enthusiasts can use their browsers to post, publish and edit web content in their free BikeRoom space pages in order  to reach bike owners, buyers, groups, dealers and motorcycles consumers worldwide. BikeRoom editing features, including placing and sizing images, are familiar because they are similar to email programs and word processors -- no HTML or special software required.

Free BikeRoom web space, provided by the new Classic Motorcycle Association, provides those involved with motorcycles a quick and easy way to present their own custom web pages to new and pre-owned motorcycle buyers, owners, enthusiasts, groups, club members, dealers, and distributors everywhere.

BikeRooms are menu structured for the owners/authors to have multiple custom named pages under their BikeRoom names for purposes such as club or group events, dealer new motorcycle sales, new product edits with images, touring articles, personal bike pages, repair articles, race organizing, used motorcycles -- all with images and clickable text links to other webs or URLs. Images can be located on other servers or uploaded to the BikeRoom owner's private image folder on the CMA BikeRoom server.

A first use of BikeRooms comes from Dan Holmes' Bonneville Bullet team member, Phil Myers. Phil is the volunteer design engineer for the Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet that will be making more attempts at Bonneville speed record is fall. Phil's writings, with his own style of humor are found at:    

The BikeRoom owner/author can set individual pages as private or public with a check box. This feature is handy for page development or work-in-progress. Each BikeRoom menu and public page has a URL that can be used anywhere on the Internet or in email. BikeRoom space is free upon application.

The Classic Motorcycle Association general search feature provides access to association members searching browsers on key words such as zip code, city, clubs, dealers, motorcycle type, repair, etc.

CMA is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to: Classic motorcycle owners, riders, admirers, enthusiasts, dealers, weirdo's, nuts, ex riders, retired riders, and wannabes. Classic, antique, vintage and recent, late model and new owners, and aficionados can browse and support endeavors at CMA. We invite you to share our classic motorcycle passions. See more - About CMA.

More available at the Classic Motorcycle Association's webs: