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CMA Mission

The Classic Motorcycle Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to make antique, vintage and classic motorcycle collecting, restoring, maintaining and riding safer and more enjoyable by ensuring access to education and training information to promote collecting, maintaining and restoring antique, vintage and classic motorcycles as an art form, and promoting and advocating a safer riding environment.

By becoming an association member, not only will you be helping to preserve the heritage of Classic Motorcycling, you will also benefit in the knowledge that you are personally supporting the association and its future. Your help is needed to continue to fulfill our mission of preserving and educating about the history and fun of Classic Motorcycling. Its is through your support and generosity that we can continue to operate and expand the Classic Motorcycle Association and its programs for future generations to enjoy.

We have created several membership packages to suit any budget. Please click through to see the support and donation packages.

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