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Classic Motorcycle Owners & Enthusiasts Worldwide Mission

CMA is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to: Classic motorcycle: owners, riders, admirers, enthusiasts, dealers, weirdo's, nuts, ex riders, retired riders, want-a-bees. Classic, antique, vintage and, recent, late model and new owners and aficionados browse and support endeavors at CMA. We invite you to share our classic motorcycle passions.

Although CMA is a grassroots organization supported mainly at the grassroots contributor level without any factory or motorcycle industry corporate direct connections, we do accept good and proper commercial sponsorship or endorsement.

We consider any supporter a member and all members are included in our database that can be searched anytime. Although we exist only with contributions, there is no fee to be a supporter member. The Classic Motorcycle Association web is operated as a free service benefiting classic motorcycle enthusiasts, riders, lovers, owners, bikers, nuts and weirdo's everywhere. Click Here to become a supporter, contributor, sponsor or dealer member. Welcome publications, distributors, importers and manufacturers.

Major Funding
Bob Hutchinson, president of the Wireless Industry Association and a motorcycle owner and enthusiast since 1951, is making a major contribution of money - - and he is also contributing valuable organizational and marketing experience, publicity expertise, and internet server facilities. In addition, he plans to take the story of the Bonneville Bullet Project to the World through the web and International media. Browsers can see a
Bob Hutchinson bio here.

Part of this endeavor is the establishment of the Classic Motorcycle Association as a nonprofit vehicle to help develop the funding, support, and organization necessary for this undertaking.

CMA is requesting IRS approval for nonprofit status and formulating structure as we rush to complete the Bonneville Bullet project.

Later this year, with the Bonneville Bullet project stabilized and running smoothly, we will start the next Classis Motorcycle projects.

CMA people are listed at left in alphabetical order. All are professionals, some of their labor and efforts are provided on a volunteer basis. The serious work is funded by contributions from our supporters. Please become a supporter and contribute to the projects.

We are developing the graphics now for the Royal Enfield Bonneville Bullet project and for the Classic motorcycle Association. We will have imprinted sportswear available to send with certificates of appreciation to each funds contributor.

Support Packages