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2008 Bonneville Salt Flat Team
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Dyno Dan

Dan's Salt Attack Succeeds.

Three new Land Speed Records set. More to come? Will they live through the BUB 2008 event and certifications?

This may be one of the best underdog motorcycle racing stories to come along for a while. Last year, this shoestring Dan Holmes race team, after some racing successes with their low power reputation Royal Enfield bikes, appeared to be dissolved after Dan suffered some expensive heart problems.

However, a story on the internet caught the attention of Bob Hutchinson, founder and president of the Wireless Industry Association. On Christmas day of 2007, Dan agreed to meet with Hutchinson in San Antonio. 

Dan was now retired and living in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. In better health with a pacemaker and only 52, Dan related that his dedicated race team - - which had got its feet wet at Bonneville a few years earlier - -  just might possibly squeeze their personal finances for yet another Bonneville attempt with their beloved Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. Yet, it still wouldn't be enough. They would need at least another $3,000 to $4,000 so they could travel, eat, and sleep for a week in Utah.

Hutchinson, an entrepreneur and business man all of his adult life, was moved by Dan's real life story and dedication to his team and their goals. He believed that Dan's project, as planned, would probably be unsuccessful for lack of a major cash sponsor. So, Hutchinson committed $25,000 toward Dan's Bonneville Bullet team project and about that much more to form and develop the nonprofit Classic Motorcycle Association. Hutchinson had a vision of using Dan's Bonneville Project as a first Association project to support and publicize.

The Royal Enfield Bonneville Bullet will strike again. We're receiving worldwide support  from

       The Bullet is ready>>

Royal Enfield and motorcycle owners, enthusiasts, dealers, publications, and those who love classic, antique, and vintage motorcycles.

Thanks so much for your contributions. This project will be completed by you, the grassroots contributor, the volunteer, and those who love motorcycles. We don't have factory backing, major corporate funding, or government grants. In fact, it is purely motorcycle enthusiasts, riders, and bikers who organize, support, and fund this project.

Got motorcycling friends? Motorcycle club, group? Let them know about this underdog, grassroots Bonneville attack by a classic Royal Enfield Bullet and a few dedicated volunteers. We need support from motorcycle owners, riders, enthusiast, groups, clubs, weirdo's, and just plain bike nuts wherever you are.

The Bonneville Bullet team pledges to emblazon the name of every supporter and contributor on the Bullet itself as it goes for the salt flat record. And all supporter names will also be published on this website.

The Bullet and CMA team members are all volunteers, some retired and some with full time jobs elsewhere. Several are photographers and will capture digital still images and HD video to be compiled and edited as a CMA documentary project, available free to our supporters at the CMA web.

Mark Brownlee

Those following our new Salt Attack Project know that we're a shoestring operation attacking Bonneville with severely limited weapons and equipment. Our equipment situation has just been greatly improved; the Royal Enfield factory in India is sending us a new spare engine. This contribution from Royal Enfield is really appreciated. And, yes, we still need contributions for better equipment and spares.  Please Click through to support.



DRS Cycle has successfully completed a Bonneville Salt Flats video of our experience and invites you to join us. We are offering the video for sale at $20.each+$5.00s&h or $30.00 (DVD Video & SlideShow) shp.incld   Previous contributors are entitled to the bonus photo DVD at no additional charge. Be sure to ask for your bonus DVD.  We are accepting payments through paypal at

Dan Holmes
PayPal for any cash donations,
and or purchase of video.


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Dan's 2009 Grassroots Bonneville Attack needs your assistance!!! Click to see how your support Dollars will be matched this time period.


Craig Vetter Streamliner
Throughout history, only a few motorcycles were created just to challenge conventional thought.

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